Ski Edit

This is an edit done for a group of seasonal workers. They wanted a fun upbeat movie showcasing their skills on the mountain, with each of the 30+ people getting their fair share of screen time.

Promotional DVD

This is a section taken from a promotional DVD for a martial arts company. This is the kids section showing the fun side of the classes along with the necessary info that prospective kids and parents would want.

Skidoo Day Trip

This is a video of a group of staff having an afternoon off and going skidooing. They wanted a fun memory of the day that included shots of each of them riding the skidoos edited in a quick modern style.

Heli Trip

This is an edit of an epic three day trip that a group took whilst on holiday. Lots of challenging shooting environments and hours of footage made this a fun little project.

I’m Yours – Music Video

This was the result of a spontaneous one day project that saw me directing and editing a music video that I also starred in. Hilarious!

Ski Edit

This is an edit done for a small group of boarders (and one skier) that wanted to feature in their own mini movie, shot and edited in the style of modern snow sports titles.

Titles Project

This is a very old uni project that required us to produce a title sequence for a movie of our choice. Working with the legendary David Mack, we chose a wakeboarding DVD that a local club was shooting. It's not very polished but great fun to put together.